Wound Care in Arlington & Dallas

Our podiatrists specialize in all types of wound care treatment of the feet and ankles. When approaching wound care, it is essential that patients act quickly in order to prevent an infection from developing. Patients with diabetes are especially at risk of developing diabetic wounds as well as complications from the disease.

When you visit AllCare, our doctors will begin with a complete examination, including neurological, vascular, and orthopedic. Treatment will begin with thoroughly cleaning the wound, removing any dead or inflamed tissue, and dressing the wound with gauze, films, or even foam dressings. If poor circulation caused the wound, compression stockings or bandages are often used to help the area heal faster. In some cases, stem cell therapy or skin grafts may be an option.

Throughout your treatment, you can trust that we will provide care that goes above and beyond. Wound management takes diligence and the use of innovative treatment methods. You can get this and more from the podiatrists at AllCare Foot & Ankle Center. Call us today to schedule an appointment.