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We moved to the new Dallas location

17110 Dallas Pkwy.
Suite 180
Dallas, TX 75248

About the Practice

"Helping patients back on their feet for over 20 years!"

The experienced podiatrists and wound care specialists at AllCare Foot & Ankle Center in Arlington and Dallas, Texas, understand how recurring and chronic foot and ankle pain can impact a person’s quality of life. Without healthy feet and ankles, simple activities like walking up a flight of stairs suddenly feel like daunting tasks.

That’s why Michael Tran, DPM of AllCare Foot & Ankle Center, strive to alleviate pain and other uncomfortable symptoms of various foot and ankle conditions. Dr. Tran is highly educated, with decades’ worth of experience, ensuring his patients’ conditions are thoroughly examined and treated accordingly. These early interventions can help contribute to a patient’s long-term mobility and overall quality of life.

AllCare Foot & Ankle Center thrives on doctor/patient trust. The entire team is extremely hands-on, dedicated to providing comprehensive care that extends beyond the foot and ankle. This can help Dr. Tran determine whether a patient’s leg, hip, or back pain is actually tied to chronic foot problems. With help from a team of experienced foot care professionals, many patients are back on their feet in no time.

The AllCare Foot & Ankle Center team truly believes there are no small concerns when it comes to foot and ankle problems. They treat each patient with the utmost care and respect, whether they are seeking treatment for an ingrown toenail, athlete’s foot, an Achilles tendon injury, or diabetic foot care. Dr. Tran has the experience, education, and expertise to diagnose and treat a wide range of lower limb conditions.

The AllCare Foot & Ankle Center office is conveniently located in Dallas, right in the center of the metroplex between several smaller surrounding cities. To learn more about the services available at AllCare Foot & Ankle Center, call or book an appointment online today.

Foot Specialist

AllCare Foot & Ankle Center is built up of ankle and foot specialists.We boast a comprehensively skilled team that is highly focused on delivering the best in podiatric medicine. Learn more about our team here.

Foot Care Services

AllCare Foot & Ankle Center handles a wide variety of podiatric health services. From ankle instability to neuromas, we are Arlington & Dallas’ preferred choice for comprehensive foo health care.

New Patients

We are currently accepting new patients at our Arlington clinic and invite you to schedule an appointment. Don’t let nagging foot pain keep you from engaging in your favorite activities any longer. Call us now.

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Find out why we’re the preferred podiatrists in Arlington and Dallas by scheduling your next appointment with us. We look forward to helping you take the next step in living a pain free life. Call today.

Our Treatments

Ingrown Toenail

Achilles Tendon

Nail Fungus



Athlete's Foot


Plantar Fasciitis

Diabetic Foot Care


Flat Feet

Foot Injuries





Wound Care

Regenerative Medicine

Foot Care


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Accepted Insurance

If you need expert care of a podiatrist but aren’t sure if you’re insurance will cover the cost, see our list of in-network insurance providers. The doctors at AllCare Foot & Ankle want to ensure you get the best care possible, without the worry of costly medical bills. If you have any questions about insurance, please get in touch with us today at either our Arlington or Dallas podiatry office.

Assurant Health
Beech Street
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO
Care N' Care
First Health
Great West Health Care


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Words from our patients

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    "Allcare has been the only place where I got relief from my foot pain. I highly recommend AllCare Foot & Ankle Center!"

    Verified Patient
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    "Everyone was very friendly and professional."

    Dianne C.
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    "Dr. Tran and his staff are amazing! He fixed what my previous doctor did not! He truly was a blessing and his staff is very accommodating and friendly!"

    Janie M.
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