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As Dallas' & Arlington’s foot and ankle health experts, we strive to protect and promote the optimal health of your feet and ankles through comprehensive and innovative care.

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Causing painful friction and pressure, a bunion is a protuberance that forms as the big toe moves out of its proper place. Treatment for bunions is imperative as daily activities and footwear can cause irritation and relentless pain.

Marked by numbness, tingling, cramps and muscle weakness, diabetic foot pain is just one of the many symptoms of diabetes. We can help alleviate the pain and weakness caused by illness through comprehensive foot care measures.

Often a symptom of plantar fasciitis, chronic heel pain can be alleviated with ongoing professional treatments and physical therapy. We specialize in caring for the tendons and connective tissue in the foot to relieve heel pain.

Named for their resemblance to small hammers, hammertoes are those middle toes that have become deformed. Hammertoes can be painful as they become more rigid and inflexible; surgery may be the only option for providing relief.

We boast a comprehensively skilled team that is highly focused on delivering the best in podiatric medicine.

At AllCare Foot and Ankle, we handle all aspects of podiatric health. From ankle instability to neuromas, we are Arlington’s preferred choice for comprehensive foot health care.

We are currently accepting new patients at our Arlington clinic and invite you to schedule an appointment. Don’t let nagging foot pain keep you from engaging in your favorite activities any longer. Call us now.

Find out why we’re the preferred podiatrists in Arlington and Dallas by scheduling your next appointment with us. We look forward to helping you make every step pain free.

Those who suffer from recurring or chronic foot and ankle pain, know how much of an effect it has on their daily lives. Understanding the challenges and struggles of consistent foot pain, we strive to alleviate the symptoms of a variety of foot conditions in order to restore proper foot functionality. Improving the health of the foot through treatment, therapy and even surgery, we ensure a patient’s long-term mobility and, therefore, an overall better quality of life.

With more than 85 percent of the American adult population suffering from some type of foot condition, we are a nation that experiences pain on a daily basis. Unfortunately, foot conditions rarely just affect the feet as leg, hip and back pain soon develop alongside chronic foot problems.

Fortunately, with proper diagnosis and treatment, your pain doesn’t have to be permanent. Schedule an appointment now to discover how our team can help you take your next step towards freedom of living pain-free.


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