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Diabetic Foot Care Specialist

AllCare Foot & Ankle Center

Podiatry & Wound Care Specialist located in Arlington, TX & Dallas, TX

Having diabetes drastically increases your risk of serious foot ulcers that can lead to amputation if left untreated. If you have diabetes, you can receive personalized diabetic foot care management with leading podiatrist Michael Tran, DPM at AllCare Foot & Ankle Center. The practice boasts state-of-the-art locations in Dallas and Arlington, Texas, so you have an office nearby to receive the diabetic foot care you need. Request an appointment online, or call your most convenient clinic directly.

Diabetic Foot Care Q & A

What is diabetic foot care?

Diabetes can lead to tissue and vessel damage all over your body. The major concern when these issues occur in your feet and ankles is that blood circulation is already so limited — these are the furthest points from your heart, after all.

Since blood flow is further decreased in your feet and ankles when you have diabetes, your skin dries out, which can lead to frequent cracks and slow-healing wounds. Diabetes even permanently destroys nerves in some cases — diabetic neuropathy — so when a wound does develop, you might not feel it, and it can become seriously infected.

Your risk of fungal nails and ingrown toenail infections is also higher when you have diabetes. Routine diabetic foot care involves checking in with your podiatrist regularly, taking measures to prevent all of these issues, and intervening quickly if you do have an injury or infection.

Which diabetic foot treatment do I need?

At AllCare Foot & Ankle Center, Dr. Tran will get to know you individually. They spend time looking over your personal health history and thoroughly checking your feet at each visit. Depending on your health history and any current issues, your diabetic foot care treatment may include:

  • Wound debridement
  • Fungal nail treatments
  • Trimming your toenails
  • Removing corns or calluses
  • Molding custom orthotic inserts
  • Ordering specialized diabetic shoes

Your dedicated podiatrist at AllCare Foot & Ankle Center also sits and talks with you about what you can do to prevent future diabetic foot issues.

How do I prevent diabetic foot problems?

One of the most important diabetic foot care steps you can take is scheduling annual exams at AllCare Foot & Ankle Center. Dr. Tran could recommend coming in more frequently if you have a history of poorly managed diabetes or diabetic ulcers. Between your exams, you can prevent or lower your risk of diabetic foot complications by:

  • Cleaning, drying, and inspecting your feet daily
  • Keeping your toenails trimmed straight across
  • Wearing socks with shoes at all times
  • Never walking barefoot

Dr. Tran can even partner with your primary care physician to ensure your diabetes is under control. In any case, you can expect compassionate diabetic foot care at AllCare Foot & Ankle Center, so you can keep your feet healthy.

Book your diabetic foot care exam at AllCare Foot & Ankle Center today. You can conveniently schedule an appointment either online or over the phone.