5 Everyday Activities That Could Be Hurting Your Feet

Where would you be without your feet? Of course, your feet help you move about the world. But when your feet hurt, that journey can become an agony. At AllCare Foot & Ankle Center, Dr. Michael V. Tran can treat everything that ails your feet. Plus, Dr. Tran can teach you how to keep your feet healthy.

Here are five common activities that could be hurting your feet.

1. Wearing the wrong shoes

Choosing the wrong shoes are among the most common causes of foot pain and problems.

The wrong shoes are ill-fitting or poorly shaped. We understand that fashion is important. But squeezing your feet into the wrong shoes can mean the difference between happy, healthy feet and feet that are tortured and riddled with problems.

Bunions, for instance, often develop when you cram your toes into small spaces. Add high heels, and you have the recipe for this deformity. 

Shoes and heels with pointy toes can also lead to ingrown toenails, hammertoes, and neuromas.

When you shop for shoes, buy flats that easily accommodate your toes.

2. Spending too much time on your feet

When you stand too long or move too much, you can develop plantar fasciitis or posterior tibial tendonitis, which can lead to flat feet. 

Your feet can take a lot of standing and walking, but if you must stand or move for hours each day, you should use orthotics, which give your feet extra support. Also, put mats on hard surfaces where you stand for hours.

3. Trimming your nails incorrectly

If you’ve ever had an ingrown toenail, you know how painful that condition can be. You can avoid ingrown toenails by trimming your nails straight across and not too short. Proper toenail cutting prevents the sides and tops of your toenails from digging into the surrounding flesh.

4. Exercising without breaks

Hiking and running are good for your body and soul. But if you engage in these high-impact activities, you can harm your feet. 

Regularly give your feet a break and perform other types of soft-impact exercises, like yoga, a couple of times each week. 

5. Exposing your feet to bacteria

If you go to the gym or the pool, your feet are exposed to a damp environment that breeds fungi and viruses that cause toenail infections and warts. Foot infection can wreak havoc on your toenails and take months to heal. Warts can become painful when they develop on the soles of your feet.

When you frequent public spaces, like locker rooms or swimming pools, protect your feet with shoes like flip-flops. Also, dry your feet completely before leaving damp areas.

If you suffer from foot problems, Dr. Tran can help. To schedule an appointment, call 817-276-4600 (Arlington) or 469-567-4600 (Dallas), or use our online booking tool.

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