A Strong Foundation: Treat Your Feet Right With the Proper Shoes

Your choice of footwear makes a big difference in your overall foot health. High heels may be fashionable and cheap flip-flops may be convenient in the summer, but neither style is particularly good for your feet. 

There’s no question that the healthiest shoes for your feet aren’t going to be the cheapest. But this is a case where the old adage applies: You get what you pay for. Good shoes are an investment in the health of your feet. The doctors at AllCare Foot & Ankle Center offer these tips about why the right shoes matter.

Your feet shouldn’t hurt

Women are particularly likely to experience foot pain on a regular basis. This happens because shoes for women tend to value fashion over comfort. In many cases, comfortable shoes are even seen as less professional.

Frequent foot pain is never normal, and it isn’t something you should have to live with. Sometimes, it’s as simple as switching to more appropriate shoes. However, some conditions such as hammertoes and plantar fasciitis can cause foot pain, but these too can be helped by proper footwear.

The wrong shoes hurt more than just your feet

Your feet are the foundation of your entire body. Wearing the wrong shoes can hurt more than just your feet, however. Your feet support your back, hips, and knees, and the wrong shoes can cause pain in all these parts of your body.

The right shoes should have the correct amount of support for your feet. This is often a highly individual matter, as some people are more inclined to overpronation (turning your feet inward as you walk) or underpronation (turning your feet outward as you walk.) We can help you discover which types of shoes will provide the best support.

How to choose the right shoes

Recognize that it isn’t normal to have to “break in” or stretch shoes for them to be comfortable. If they’re uncomfortable for you when you’re trying them on, they’re the wrong shoes for your feet. 

Other tips for choosing the right shoes include the following:

Even though athletic shoes and walking shoes are the most likely to be comfortable, it’s still a reasonable expectation that dress shoes can be comfortable, too. Many dress shoes are made with soles similar to athletic shoes, yet they still look professional. However, shoes with pointed toes, such as high heels, can cause damage to your feet.

If you need help finding the proper shoes for your feet, we are happy to assist. To schedule an appointment, call either our Arlington or Dallas office, or request an appointment online.

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