Common Foot and Ankle Injuries

Your feet and ankles allow you to move freely and stay stable as you move about. When you have an injury in either area, nearly every activity in your daily life can be affected. From ankle sprains to tiny fractures in your feet, these injuries are widespread. And while they can cause pretty serious problems down the road, early treatment can help ensure a full and as seamless as possible recovery.

Regardless of your age or activity, Dr. Michael Tran and his team at AllCare Foot & Ankle Center in Dallas and Arlington, Texas, can provide you with the foot and ankle care you need. Keep reading to learn about several especially common injuries of the feet and ankles, plus ways our expert team can help.

Ankle sprains

More than 28,000 people in the US sprain an ankle every day, making it the most common injury of the lower body. And while playing a sport such as volleyball or basketball that involves jumping or pivoting increases your odds, you can also develop this injury while walking on uneven ground or wearing unsupportive shoes. All of these factors can cause you to overstretch a ligament, landing you with a sprain.

Achilles tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis, which involves inflammation of the Achilles tendon, is another common ankle injury. It results from putting excessive amounts of stress on this tendon, which attaches your calf muscle to your heel. The stress and inflammation cause tiny tears in the tendon and quite a lot of pain. If you partake in an endurance sport, such as running, or quick-action sports like football, you may end up with this overuse injury.

Shin splints

If you’re experiencing a throbbing ache in your shins after going for a run or racing after a bus, you could be dealing with shin splints. Medically known as medial tibial stress syndrome, shin splints happen when stress on the ligaments grows inflamed. While most anyone can develop shin splints, they’re prevalent if you have flat feet, wear poorly-fitting shoes, or skip workout warmups and cooldowns. 

Stress fractures

Stress fractures are basically what they sound like: tiny breaks in your bones that stem from stress. Stress fractures commonly affect the feet and tend to develop over time, so you might not notice many early symptoms. Over time, the primary symptom of pain will increase until even walking can feel unbearable. Running and exercising on hard surfaces, such as asphalt or pavement, and wearing unideal footwear can increase your risk of a stress fracture. 

Getting care for your foot or ankle injury

The longer you ignore a foot or ankle injury, the more likely you’ll be to experience increased pain and complications, from further injury to permanent damage. As soon as you notice signs of such an injury, call our office to schedule an exam. 

Dr. Tran will formulate your treatment plan based on the specifics of your injury, including the location and severity, as well as your overall health. In many cases, treatment will involve immobilization of the affected foot or ankle, perhaps with a brace, cast, or splint, to allow the injured bones and tissues to heal properly. 

For pain associated with your foot or ankle injury, Dr. Tran may recommend one or more of these options, both for comfort and enhanced healing:

To learn more about common foot and ankle injuries or to get the care you need, call AllCare Foot & Ankle Center or book an appointment with Dr. Tran through our website. 

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