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Dog-Friendly Trails in Arlington, TX

March and April are perfect months to get outside in Arlington. The days are finally beginning to warm up enough so that you don’t have to carry around layers and layers. So if you have avoiding the chillier weather but want to get outside before it gets too hot, now is the time! So whether you’re wanting to hit the trails by yourself, or with the doggo, here are some of the best pet-friendly trails in Arlington and Dallas, TX.

At Allcare Foot & Ankle Care, we understand the importance of exercise and getting in a good workout — for your whole body as well as your feet! So put on a pair of your favorite, most supportive sneakers and hit these trails! If you ever have issues with your feet, whether it’s an ankle sprain, diabetic foot issues, or corn removal, our team of podiatrists provide exceptional care for your feet and ankles.

River Legacy Parks

The south entrance to the park is at 701 NW Green Oaks Blvd and is a system of parks along the Trinity River. There are over 1,000 acres of forest with a 75-mile park from west Fort Worth through east Dallas. Throughout the park, you can look forward to spotting a variety of wildlife (400 species!) including birds and other animals, trees, and flowers. Along the trail are several lookouts and concrete trail turnarounds, drinking fountains, several access points, and even an area for mountain biking. Just be sure to bring plenty of water for longer hikes.

Dixon W. Holman Park

Located off of NE Green Oaks Blvd., just west of highway 360, this 7-acre park features concrete walking trails, benches, picnic areas, and a playground, making this area a relaxing getaway. Take a short walk and then find a quiet place to rest and read a book or keep wandering to explore the local wildflowers and birds.

Fish Creek Linear Park

Perfect for a long walk with the dog or a bike ride, this 11.9-mile trail is an out and back trail located in between Grand Prairie and Arlington. One end of the trail is located at Matlock Rd and Cravens Park Dr. and the other end is located off of Bentley Ct., off of S Great SW Parkway. Much of the trail is along the South Fork Fish Creek where you can view flowers, birds, and trees.

Dorba Trail Loop & Cedar Hill Dorba Trail

Both of these trails are located on the southeast end of Joe Pool Lake, and other two different lengths. The Cedar Hill Trail is a 10.2 mile loop that weaves and curves throughout the Cedar Hill State park. The Dorba Trail is a shorter, 5-mile loop trail in the same area. Both are dirt trails, making them slightly more difficult, but you can still get beautiful views of the lake and wildlife.

Trails at Cedar Ridge Preserve

The Cedar Ridge Preserve is an area on the northeast end of Joe Pool Lake where you have a choice of nine different trails, all with different lengths and are rated either easy or moderate. Here are a few of the options:

Protect Your Feet While Hiking

If you’re ready to get your blood flowing, all of these trails are dog-friendly and give you the perfect opportunity to get in some fresh air and nature. Whether you’re new to hiking or not, it’s always a good idea to keep your body (and feet and ankles) safe while on the trail. Here are some basic safety tips from the podiatrists at Allcare Foot & Ankle Care:

The above hikes are fairly simple, so a regular pair of sneakers and socks should do just fine, but if you do experience any problems with your feet or ankles, you can visit the podiatrist at Allcare Foot & Ankle Care. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional care for everyone in Arlington and Dallas. Get to know Dr. Tran and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

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