Calluses Treatment


Though presenting themselves as an issue with the skin, calluses that grow on the foot are actually a sign of a bone problem. Hyperkeratosis forming at the outer side of the big toe, on the heel or across the ball of the foot is caused by friction. An elongated or dropped metatarsal head is a major cause of this friction which creates a situation where the skin surrounding the bone thickens and hardens over time. This thickening can cause painful pressure resulting in blisters and sores if not properly taken care of.

Calluses on the heel and the ball of the foot are indicative of a bone structure issue affecting the metatarsal bones. If one bone is longer or lower than the others, a callus can form on the bottom of the heel. Formations on the ball of the foot are caused by a dropped metatarsal which lowers the head to a level that allows it to protrude from the bottom of the foot. This problem is often the cause of an injury to the foot or a congenital abnormality.

If you notice recurring formations of calluses, make sure to get a full foot exam to rule out any bone structure issues. Call our patient care team at AllCare Foot and Ankle to schedule your next appointment now. We can provide you with the different callus removal treatments that you need to leave a comfortable lifestyle.

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