Corn Treatment


The simplest explanation of a corn is that it is a callus that forms on the tops or sides of the toes. These thickened areas of skin can be caused by hammer or claw toes, or improperly fitting shoes. Those that form on the top of the toe, or along the side of the small toe, are hard corns and require shaving or filing to remove them. Soft corns form between toes and can create open sores when rubbed against bony areas or each other. At AllCare Foot & Ankle Center, we provide you with the foot corn removal that you need to live a comfortable lifestyle.

Wearing foam pads can help alleviate the pain and pressure of corns. Though self-care for corns can be performed by soaking and filing with a pumice stone, stubborn corns may need further help and more thorough corn treatments. At AllCare Foot and Ankle Center, we can help alleviate the pressure and pain caused by corns and calluses, as well as other foot conditions. Call either our Arlington or Dallas office at 469-567-4600 to schedule your next appointment now.

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