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The alignment and stability of your ankles affect the rest of your body, and if they aren’t working as they’re supposed to, then chances are that you’re noticing this in other parts of your body. At AllCare Foot & Ankle Center, we work with a variety of individuals who have ankle instability and are looking for care and treatment to counter the pain that they’re experiencing. One of the primary issues with ankle instability or weak ankles is that it puts more weight onto the lateral portion of your foot.

When you schedule an appointment or consultation with the podiatrists at AllCare Foot & Ankle, we will provide you with both short term and long term care techniques. Below are a few of the signs and symptoms of individuals with weak ankles.

Signs & Symptoms of Ankle Instability

  • Repeated rolling of your ankle
  • Persistent discomfort and swelling
  • Wobbly or unstable ankles
  • Tenderness

You don’t have to live a life with weak ankles where you experience high amounts of discomfort and instability. Schedule your appointment with AllCare Foot & Ankle today and allow for us to provide you with the care and treatment that you need to get back to a healthy and happy place. Visit either our Arington or Dallas office. 

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