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Senior Foot Care


The challenges that seniors face in regards to foot health are extensive when compared to younger segments of society. Over time, health problems and weight issues help to contribute to the pressures and malformations of the feet, whether due to lifestyle choices or hereditary foot structure.    

Podiatry For Seniors

Proper foot care and routine podiatric medicine can help alleviate the issues that the elderly face, including arthritis, nail fungus, ingrown nails, and gout. Because foot health is directly related to overall health and wellness, keeping your feet healthy at all stages of life is imperative to your long-term well being. Diabetes, arthritis, nerve damage, and circulatory problems all have a deleterious effect on your feet, ankles and legs should also be closely monitored for optimal health.

Daily foot inspections are recommended for those that deal with these health issues in order to ensure long-term mobility and quality of life. Find out how your local Arlington or Dallas podiatrist can help you keep your feet healthy and strong by scheduling your next consultative appointmentnow.

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